DTA will open SOON! Join me and other mental health professionals across the globe for the next cohort in 2021 to transform your ideas or existing practice in a Branded 6+figure business! Learn what it takes to grow your business and brand at the same time!

Doctor TK


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    Doctor TK

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    What is the Academy?

    • It is an business coaching program designed to help mental health professionals develop the lifestyle they have desired for so long!
    • It includes training from Doctor TK on the infastructure of your business and Branding practices to help you scale your ideas into profit.

    How can it help You?

    • Do you stay up at night wondering how you are going to survive off your 9-5 or current business profits?
    • Do you want freedom with your schedule?
    • Do you want to travel and live life without approval from a supervisor?
    • Do you want to learn how to free up your time in your business to focus on the $1,000 tasks versus the $10 tasks?